Welcome to Co-Design LaunchPad

Projects that reinvent our spaces to create a purposeful and collaborative environment


A series of experiments to explore creating a highly collaborative community in LaunchPad.


An aspirational project to reduce our impact on the environment, including becoming self-sufficient in our electricity usage, zero carbon and low poluting.


The creation of a space that inspires new ideas and the exploration of solutions.


We’re looking to restore our iconic W-class tram to it’s 1930’s glory – a time with Melbourne was at it’s most innovative.

LaunchPad 2  |  Creative + Entrepreneurial
122 Cremorne St.

  • 2 workshop styled rooms for up to 6 people
  • 50 pax auditorium with full AV setup, media board and conference phone
  • 3 modern and private 2-3 person offices
  • Open plan desk area with forest floor theme and ambience
  • Clusters of desks in Treehouse Space for inspiration and creativity
  • Shared access photocopier and A3/A4 colour laser printers
  • Cappuccino / Tea facilities and cafe styled areas

LaunchPad 2.5  |  Discreet + Eclectic
130 Cremorne St.

  • 3 studio styled spaces in a quiet setting
  • Private with an opportunity to create your ‘own’ space
  • Open plan desk area for collaborative, creative work
  • Shared photocopier and A4/A3 colour laser printers
LaunchPad 3

LaunchPad 3  |  Innovative + Collaborative
132 Cremorne St.

  • 2 atmospheric W-Class Melbourne Tram meeting spaces
  • 3 fresh and modern meeting spaces with capacity for 6-12 people each
  • Unique tram stop launch and open presentation space for up to 150 people
  • 17 contemporary styled private offices and studios (for 4-18 people)
  • 4 themed regions of desks to suit your corporate profile and culture
  • Shared access photocopier and A3/A4 colour laser printers
  • Ground coffee / tea facilities and large open plan kitchen and dining area

Which Package is Perfect For Your Business Today?

It’s OK to change your mind and switch your package as your business grows and resizes.


Ideal if you are just starting out and all you need is a professional image and address.
Only $88 per month.


Perfect if you need a presence, some occasional desk space but not a full-time spot.
Only $330 per month.


Great if you need your own desk and storage – personal workspace.
Only $660 per month.


Suitable if your business needs space for 2-20 team members minus overhead surprises.
From $1320 per month.


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