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LaunchPad Open Day: 4th of May 2017

Create Melbourne

The future of work in Australia will be about innovative ways to create new things that didn’t exist before.

In Melbourne, we have a unique opportunity to be the hub of entrepreneurship in Australia, by creating an environment where art, community, innovation and business collide and businesses flourishes.

What will this look like in the future?

Shift Mindsets

Australian’s are not risk adverse, we just have choice – we can choose to do something, or choose to do nothing.  We’re not motivated by fame and fortune, like our friends in the USA.  Do don’t have our backs to the wall, like the Israelis did in the 80s.  Australian’s need to be inspired.

How will we inspire Australians to become the most innovative nation in the world?


Melbourne is a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together.  We’re surprisingly integrated as a multicultural society and we enjoy the benefits that brings.  Melbourne is one of the few places in the world we’re you can find virtually every country’s unique food.  It is diversity not consistency that drives innovation and it’s not being explored in any other place in the world.

How can we take advantage of this opportunity?

Role Model

Australian’s are doing amazing things.  Our actors are invading Hollywood, our chiefs are recognised as some of the best in the world and our fashion designers are flourishing in Millan.  We are at our best when we do things that are unexpected, that collide together the unusual to create something new.

What are the stories of entrepreneurs doing amazing things?

Welcome to the Future of Work

Collider is an event created by LaunchPad and Yarra Council and is part of Melbourne Knowledge Week, 1 – 7 May 2017,
proudly presented by the City of Melbourne.

Held on the 4th of May, Collider highlights what happens when art, innovation, community and business come together to create something new. The open day starts at 10am and explores the work of 10 entrepreneurs and leaders in the creative fields.

Meet our Community

Meet our community during our networking event between 4:30 and 6:30pm.
Meet the speakers and talk with members of our community about their experiences.

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Meet the speakers

Betty Sargeant (artist-in-residence Exertion Games Lab): Art, automation and social identity

Dr Betty Sargeant is an award winning digital artist and designer. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she has two interactive technology exhibitions over Melbourne Knowledge Week – The Playground, State Library of Victoria #PGArt2017; and The Storytelling Machine, Geelong After Dark #StorytellingMachine. During this presentation Betty will discuss how art and creative technologies can help people be more socially and physically engaged. She will also detail the role that artists and creative technologists can play within this age of automation and entrepreneurship.

Session time: 10am, Tramstage LaunchPad 3
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Betty is the artist-in-residence Exertion Games Lab, Melbourne. She has worked all over the world designing for tech, and developed an award-winning story app for children; ‘How Far is Up?’ Betty works with governments and organisations all over the world in fusions of design with a variety of other fields including placemaking and storytelling

Jess Thomas (Founder and CEO HealthLab): #babeswithballs – the benefits of female led business

Did people think we were crazy for starting a health foods business?  It probably helped we were!
We created Health Lab because we saw a gap for nourishing and healthy snacks that were conveniently delivered straight to busy women – that’s me; a super busy entrepreneur that wants to eat and live well.
Come and hear my story of how we created one of Australia’s fastest growing health foods companies and why we’re driven to create a foundation for ‘Fuelling Female Success’?

Session time: 11am, Daintree LaunchPad 2
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As the owner and founder of Health Lab, Jess is an entrepreneurial visionary and an expert in creating innovative brand development solutions.  Health Lab is a healthy food business founded in 2015 to fill a gap for nourishing and healthy snacks for busy women. ‘Fuelling Female Success’ is a Health Lab initiative, a series of not-for-profit workshops with high school students across Australia. It presents a platform to start the conversation and disrupt the conventional thinking of what a “legitimate” career path may look like for young women.

Mykel Dixon: Radically Yours

As experts, executives & entrepreneurs, as directors, leaders, freelancing creatives; There is no greater task, no greater opportunity, no greater advantage, than developing our ability to ‘think outside the box’.
But here’s the skinny.
Forget about the studies & stats, the tips and techniques, the experts with all answers on how to, ‘unlock your capacity for innovation’.
The future of innovation is colliding art, business, ideas and people.

Session time: 11am, Tramstage LaunchPad 3
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Mykel Dixon is Australia’s foremost expert on Artisan Thinking, Cultural Architecture & Atmospheric Design.
A musician by trade, gypsy by nature, fierce nonconformist and prolific anti-perfectionist, Mykel leads a new wave of entrepreneurial experts showing forward-thinking companies how to build for the future of work.
As a keynote speaker, executive mentor, experience designer, and accidental author of  ‘Just Do 5omething – a guidebook for turning dreamers into makers’, Mykel advocates for a radically human workplace that encourages and amplifies the unique, innate and imperfect Artistry of its people.
In an age of automation, where only the measured is valued, Mykel believes our relevance as individuals, organisations and brands, lies in the messy, unpredictable & idiosyncratic essence of our humanity. And the companies brave enough to encourage, design for and amplify wild and untamed self-expression will be market leaders in tomorrow’s economic climate.
Whether trekking the Argentinian Andes or on surf safari in Southern Africa, breaking month long vows of silence in Indian ashrams or owning beach bars in Cambodia, Mykel has always valued and served his wanderlust, which continues to inspire & inform his ideas, his intent and his art.

Rachelle Panitz (Founder and CEO SoBrave Project): When life gives you lemons, make lemon…aid! Beating breast cancer and creating a foundation

When you survive Breast Cancer, you wake up knowing that every day is important.  Every day you need to make a difference – so I started the SoBrave Project.
SoBrave is an organisation that works with body paint artists to create amazing works of art that are sold around Australia raising much needed funds for Breast Cancer awareness.  Come hear my story of how we founded an organisation that is driven to make a difference.

Session time: 1pm, Tramstage LaunchPad 3
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Rachelle Panitz is the founder and organiser of the So Brave Breast Cancer Fundraiser Project. An initiative to empower young women who are breast cancer survivors by providing a once-in-a-lifetime bodypaint and photoshoot session.
As a young breast cancer survivor herself, Rachelle started her business in 2015 with a mission to empower women in practical ways. She has taken this mission to women in business through her ‘Brisness Women’ small group networking and educational events and since August last year has been organising the massive undertaking that is the So Brave project

David Thomas (LaunchPad Co-Founder): Australia: Get off the couch!

In a world awash with products and services what can we possibly create that people will want?
With manufacturing in Australia is all but gone and we can’t rely on the mining industry to provide us prosperity, what can we do to create a future for ourselves?
Australia: We need to get off the couch!   We have a great opportunity to do amazing things – we just have to shift our mindset.
You can now sell anything, to anyone, anywhere.

Session time: 3pm, Tramstage LaunchPad 3
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David Thomas is the co-founder of LaunchPad and a serial entrepreneur having also foundering Open Software Associates (later ManageSoft) and Business Revolutions.  His first co-founded company was credited as Australia’s first .com and was Australia’s largest exporter of software (by weight !).

David Giles-Kaye (CEO The Council of Textile and Fashion): Excuse me!  My pants have something to say

What is the future for fashion and textiles in Australia if everything is made in Bangladesh?
Will Australian’s just start looking like Americans?  Are we destine to think plaid is ok?
Manufacturing may have (mostly) gone, but our designers are having amazing success.  What will fashion looking like in Australia in the future and how can we collide with technology to create something new?

Session time: 3pm, Daintree Auditorium LaunchPad 2
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Dave has been a Board member at The Council of Textile and Fashion for since 2011, and CEO for the past few months. David works on the forefront of technology in fashion – he is involved with technology company Imagine Intelligent Materials, which is developing applications in wearable textiles using graphene. His industry background includes work with WL Gore (Gore-Tex), performance apparel and equipment for defence, and as a consultant with the Australian government’s Manufacturing Excellence Task-force of Australia.

Panel Session:Panel: Paul Katz, Phil Rushby, Nicholas Kaspareck: Reimagining the Future of Workspaces
Hosted by James Tuckerman

Manufacturing is gone.  Big business is failing us.  Our governments are unable to lead (they are only meant to govern anyway).
We need to shift our mindset, be inspired by our success in the arts, embrace our diversity to create.
The future of work is diverse – inter-disciplinary, inter-generational, inter-cultural.
We need to create work (spaces) that allow us to work flexibly and embrace the gig economy.  In this panel you’ll hear from thought leaders on how work spaces are evolving to meet our needs.

Session time: 2pm, Tramstage LaunchPad 3
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Oli Sansom (Photographer Extraordinaire): Creating More

How do you get close to cops on the streets of New York city, take photos and not get arrested?
How do you take old film and reimagine photography?  How do you create more from (almost) nothing?
Oli Sansom is one of Australia’s renown photographers who works hard to push boundaries.  Hear how he pushes himself to explore new mediums, creative processes and new angles.

Session time: 2pm, Daintree Auditorium LaunchPad 2
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Melbourne based photographer, Capture Magazine’s “Emerging Photographer of the Year” for 2014. Oli’s photography business and success is built around the dark, moody and experimental style of his photography.

Stefan Grafe (CEO of Mext): Trust.  The new frontier

Here some non-Fake News: If you don’t have trust, you won’t be working in the future.
You only have two things to worry about – how much time you have and whether you have the trust of the people you work with.
So, I co-created the HuTrust (human trust) psychological model of how trust forms in our minds and a global consulting company MEXT to deliver it.
I’ll show you how to find out why people trust you and why they’ll buy from you a second time.

Session time: 1pm, Daintree Auditorium LaunchPad 2
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Chief executive and owner of market growth consultancy mext. Stefan helps clients to win more customers using his evidence-based approach to trust, which transforms how a company manages its operations. At mext, Stefan and his global team work on a hugely diverse client portfolio, from airlines and investment funds to telcos and professional service companies – anywhere from Australia to Qatar.

Kristian Terry (Lead Designer, Aspin Group: Accessible Art in the Gig Economy

There has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to access artists, designers and innovators to help them deliver new and innovative services.
The gig economy has made it easier to work with anyone, anywhere and anytime – but in practice what does this look like?
During this session Kristian Terry, Lead Designer for Aspin Group, will demonstrate how you can take advantage of the gig economy to visualize, articulate, market and sell better than ever before.

Session time: 10am, Daintree Auditorium LaunchPad 2
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Kristian trained as a designer and found himself working in the eLearning area creating high quality training products for some of Australia’s largest corporations.  But the market for handcrafted and designed training materials isn’t well funded, so he set about finding ways to improve productivity and reduce costs.  He’s mastered the gig-economy, regularly outsourcing tasks to skilled professionals and then bringing all together using his skills at a high level.

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