LaunchPad War on Waste

We're interested in figuring out how to reduce our impact on the environment, so we asked the community to vote on four areas in which we could focus - what happened next surprised us. At LaunchPad we've been interested in how we can reduce our impact...

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What is Coworking Anyway?

You would think there's a good definition of Coworking – but it's surprisingly hard to nail down. For a long time, there was even a debate over whether it's Coworking or Co-Working. Seriously people; spending time discussing whether there should be a...

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Coworking Needs a Rethink

Here’s a sad truth — Coworking probably won’t make it. As much as I want to believe the enthusiasm of my fellow Coworking Space founders, there probably isn’t enough momentum in the market for it to reach a tipping point and become mainstream. We founded...

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