The Co-Worker Package

If you’re a freelancer, committing more time to your business or
working at home and just need somewhere to get things done,
the Co-Worker is perfect for you.

Providing 10 days a month (you decided when you come in), this package provides the best way to become
part of the LaunchPad Community and minimize your costs.  All LaunchPad Co-Worker desks come complete with wide-screen monitors, telephones where you can call mobiles and landlines, access to our meeting spaces and much more.

More than an address

As you grow your business, you’ll need a place that is effective, easy to get to. A place that is easy for your customers to find and located in Melbourne’s innovation precinct – Cremorne. A place where your business will have street cred.

More than an office

A place that’s innovative by design and you’ll look great to your customers. A place that’s professional at a great price. Where you can ‘get stuff done’ and find the support and nurturing to grow your business.

More than co-working

An effective place where there is a community of like-minded founders (who know what it’s like to start their own businesses) and can inspire and support you in a community that is nurturing.

More than a business

A place where people are creating the future-of-work, where founders are challenged to contribute more, and your business can mean something. A place you can thrive.

Included in the Co-Worker Package

  • Opportunity to be part of a vibrant, diverse collaborative community – where everyone is focused on building great businesses
  • Brilliant location (Cremorne), fast becoming Melbourne’s entrepreneurial heart
  • Pay only for what you use – no lock-in contracts, flexible and super cost effective
  • All inclusive, single monthly membership payment, that includes all outgoings (no hidden costs)
  • Great access to public transport (train/tram 3mins walk) and freeway (1min)
  • Access to our Ideation Space; brilliant for teams developing ideas, brainstorming or just day-dreaming
  • Large break-out spaces for ad-hoc meetings
  • Family and dog-friendly
  • Baby change facilities (LaunchPad Evolve)
  • Showers with towels provided, gym lockers available for hire
  • Indoor bike racks
  • Free access to business-grade (multiple redundant) broadband fibers (500/500 MBS, unlimited use)
  • Access to shared 1200dpi A4/A3 colour printing (100 B&W and 50 Colour printed pages/sides per desk per month)
  • The fully equipped kitchen is supplied with brewed coffee, chia, hot-chocolate, tea and biscuits
  • Free faxing and scanning service
  • Free binding at our Presentation Station
  • Access to large format printing service (printing provided at cost)
  • Professional Meeting Rooms booked via an online booking system (10/20 hours per month per business)
  • Company signage listed in the business directory (more for 6-month agreements)
  • 24/7 office access with CCVT and monitored security
  • Flexicar available in front of LaunchPad Evolve
  • Assistance for your IT department in setting up remote access to your IT systems
  • Access to the Daintree Auditorium – a 60-person seminar space
  • Access to the Tram Stage – a 150-person event space
  • Customer check-in service
  • Help with setting up and running events
  • Inbound/outbound mail and courier management.

Try out the space, checkout the community

During the trial, you will have the chance to experience the space,
our community and to see if LaunchPad will work for your business.

Exclusive use of a desk | 2 hours of meeting room allowance | Access to our WiFi and internet | As much tea and coffee as you can drink | Printing allowance | A 30min mentoring sessions with one of our experienced business coaches

Paul Katz - Founder Katz Architecture

Paul Katz, the founder of Katz Architecture, discusses why he chooses LaunchPad as a place to build his business.

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