LaunchPad Create

LaunchPad Create ~ 122 Cremorne St.

LaunchPad Evolve

LaunchPad Evolve ~ 132, Cremorne St.

Packages for big dreams to small teams.

Start small, and scale up as you grow. Plus have the flexibility to switch
when your needs change.


A business address with unlimited access to the virtual LaunchPad community. Ideal for new starters getting ready for liftoff.
$150 per month.



Coworking desks for 10 days a month with all the services of LaunchPad. Perfect for flexible freelancers or part-time pros.
$365 per month.




With a permanent desk and storage, this is our best ​coworking space​ package for individuals. Ideal for busy and full-time professionals.
$730 per month.




A professional office solution for up to 20 team members. Suited to businesses that need a great workspace to grow.
From $1606 per month.



A natural place to grow Start-up, Scale-up and Grown-up businesses

Different profiles to suit your business and clients, shared resources to give you better opportunities to grow.

Coworking 122 Cremorne St


A space for creative and entrepreneurial coworking.
122 Cremorne St,​ C​remorne

Coworking 132 Cremorne St


A space for innovative and collaborative coworking.
132 Cremorne St, Cremorne


Access to more than 10 meeting rooms, ranging in capacity from 2 to 14 people. Fresh, modern, casual or corporate board rooms. Your pick.


If you need to impress, head over to The Presentation Station, your one-stop, all-in-one space to give your reports, presentations and documents that professional shine. Close that deal!


Many different styled hacker and breakout spaces available when you feel imprompted to brainstorm or collaborate. Brew a cuppa and head on over.


Awesome for launches and presentations. Impressive ambient spaces and creative spaces including private spaces for up to 50 and open spaces for up to 150!

Coworking space
Coworking 122 Cremorne St

LaunchPad Create  |  Creative + Entrepreneurial
122 Cremorne St.

  • 2 workshop styled rooms for up to 6 people
  • 50 pax auditorium with full AV setup, media board and conference phone
  • 3 modern and private 2-3 person offices
  • 3 studio styled spaces in a quiet setting
  • Private with an opportunity to create your ‘own’ space
  • Maker space for construction and prototyping
  • Open plan desk area with forest floor theme and ambience
  • Clusters of desks in Treehouse Space for inspiration and creativity
  • Shared access photocopier and A3/A4 colour laser printers
  • Cappuccino / Tea facilities and cafe styled areas
Coworking 132 Cremorne St
Coworking space

LaunchPad Evolve  |  Innovative + Collaborative
132 Cremorne St.

  • 2 atmospheric W-Class Melbourne Tram meeting spaces
  • 3 fresh and modern meeting spaces with capacity for 6-12 people each
  • Unique tram stop launch and open presentation space for up to 150 people
  • 17 contemporary styled private offices and studios (for 4-18 people)
  • 4 themed regions of desks to suit your corporate profile and culture
  • Shared access photocopier and A3/A4 colour laser printers
  • Ground coffee / tea facilities and large open plan kitchen and dining area

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