Fit-out Project Management
with a focus on UNIQUE  solutions

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We provide experienced Project Management for your Fit-out Project with a proven ability

to solve difficult problems, deliver unique outcomes and provide temporary facilities. 

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- Jeremy Ellis / LaunchPad Chief Innovator

Why the LaunchPad Team for your Fit-out Project?

Proven Results

Jeremy Ellis has been in Project Management for over 25 Years, with numerous large scale Projects (Melbourne CityLink Control System, etc) and Property Development Projects including numerous small (200m2) and larger (1700m2) commercial Fit-outs.

With an ability to achieve outstanding outcomes and meet near-impossible budgets, we can help you create something amazing.

Having re-purposed a Melbourne W2-Class Tram as meeting rooms and stage, as well as brought in 30 artificial trees (weighing up to 1 Tonne each), our dedication to overcoming challenges is clear.

Sourcing and Technology Focus

We use proven suppliers for sourcing quality furniture and materials and have a number of alternatives for obtaining unusual items to make your fit-out unique.

With a high level of Technology and IT expertise, as well as implementation and control of HVAC, we can pull together solutions around Access Systems, IT implementation (WIFI, etc), Cooling/Heating and Building Control Automation. We constantly evolve our thinking with practical technology implementation.

Temporary Business Facilities - NOW!

Cremorne in Richmond is home to some of Australia's leading tech businesses (and Unicorns!) with, REI Group, MYOB, Tesla, Red Energy, Disney and Seek (soon) located nearby.

We regularly host businesses who need temporary space (see 

Somewhere To Land). We can host businesses of 2 people to 50 people for short periods on a month-to-month arrangement with extremely rapid setup times. Your business is unlikely to have any down time at all.

We can then assist in migrating the team to the new premises to make it a seamless transition.

How we help with your Project


We put together a Project Plan to meet your schedule and then perform a reality check. Best to know up-front if it is even possible!


We can help with design, or finding that unique element. We look at technology, IT, HVAC, Access Control & make sure it will all come together correctly.


We help relocate your business (and can provide instant facilities if required). We make sure the whole process is seamless.


We manage plans & permits, builders (if required) and other suppliers. We can manage tenders for larger projects and we report to you regularly so you can plan ahead.

Paul Katz

 Katz Architecture


We have worked with the LaunchPad Team for many years on a number of Fit-out Projects and have been impressed with their ability to turn our vision into reality.

See if we can help you with your Fit-out Project

We have seen the impact on businesses when  fit-outs extend months (and sometimes years) beyond plans, and we can help  avoid this problem.  After all, shouldn't you be focusing on your core business?


LaunchPad helps businesses in all areas of growth, including Project Management services for Fit-out Projects. Call us on (03) 9815-0066