LaunchPad Community

LaunchPad occupies a cluster of buildings in Cremorne, each with a distinctive community and culture.

LaunchPad Evolve has businesses that regularly engage clients – they are outwardly focused.
The space has a diverse mix of industries, ages, and disciplines, creating
lots of opportunities for collisions and conversations.

LaunchPad Create is a space that spans two buildings (122 and 130 Cremorne Street) and is occupied
by makers, designers, software innovators, and content creators.
The people who work their care about innovation, creativity, and big ideas.

The team from LaunchPad is working to reflect this culture and create spaces that are big on ideas
and support the activities of the creator community.


The team at LaunchPad is regularly exploring how they can support and nurture
member businesses as they grow.

Programs are tested

LaunchPad Create ~ 122 Cremorne St.  |  LaunchPad Evolve ~ 132 Cremorne St. VIC 3121

Call 1800 462 826