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- Jeremy Ellis / LaunchPad Chief Innovator

Why Choose LaunchPad's Tram Stop Stage?

W2-Class Melbourne Tram Stage

Centred around one of very few original 1920's W2-Class Trams, this is a highly unique venue, with built-in staging area containing Podium, High-powered Projectors, Stage Lighting and PA included.

With fast setup of 100 chairs, and use of cafe style chairs, tables and stools at rear, we can cater for 150 seated and over 200 for standing events.

Catering Facilities for 150+ People

We encourage self-catering or can assist with a range of economical local options as needed. The venue has catering ovens, microwaves, an we can supply cutlery, glassware and crockery if needed. Side doors allow unobtrusive caterer and food entry during events.

For minimal cost, events can use our High-end Coffee facilities for rapid creation of Coffee, Chocolate and Chai mixtures as needed.

The facilities are designed to keep groups together for maximum mingling, with large Island Tables for food and drink presentation. 

Located in Melbourne's Innovation Hub

Cremorne in Richmond is home to some of Australia's leading tech businesses (and Unicorns!) with, REI Group, MYOB, Tesla, Red Energy, Disney and Seek (soon) located nearby.

For evening and weekend events, parking is typically available for 50+ cars (LaunchPad and nearby street parking), depending on MCG major events. We are 5 min walk from Richmond Station and Trams.

Position your event and your business as an industry thought leader by hosting your event in the middle of the Innovation District, and inside one of Australia's leading Innovation Centres.

Smaller Event Options


Smaller events up  to 50 held any time with projectors, lecturn & PA.


Seats 8 people with large screen, conference phone & natural light.


For up to 12 people with projector, audio system, conference phone.


Seats 6 with glass whiteboard and tools for idea creation.

 John Dingemanse 

 CBM Sustainability Group 


LaunchPad's Tram Stop Event Space is a unique and stimulating facility, and has been ideal for running our meetings every few months. With around 150 people attending, the LaunchPad Team has been great in ensuring these events are enjoyed by all involved.

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Evening events (after 6pm) and Weekends only


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